Recent Updates

We work every day to improve features of our platform and build more public models for developers to use. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

April 2017

  • Platform Geo Search: allows developers to add location metadata (longitude, latitude) to inputs, and perform a search within a bounding geographic region. See our docs for full details.

  • Models Focus Model: launched a new model that analyzes an image and returns 1) the overall focus value (probability that there is an in-focus region within the image), and 2) a bounding box and focus density for every in-focus region within the image.

March 2017

  • Models Model Gallery: introduced a new gallery to showcase all of our visual recognition models. You’ll find information about each of our models, view code documentation, and try them out through our demo.

February 2017

  • Platform Multi-language Support in v2 API: all of the languages that were available in our v1 API are now available in our v2 API! We support 22 languages other than English for our Predict calls.

  • Models Face Detection Model: launched a new model that returns the probability that an image contains faces as well as bounding box location coordinates.

  • Models Apparel Model: this model understands various fashion and accessory items and is best for identifying clothing against a white backdrop like in your favorite e-commerce stores.

  • Models Celebrity Model: recognizes a wide assortment of famous people and public figures.

January 2017

  • Platform Custom Training (GA): finalized Custom Training and fixed any bugs that came up for testers.

  • Platform Visual Search (GA): finalized Visual Search and fixed any bugs that came up for testers.

December 2016

  • Platform Custom Metadata: allows developers to add any custom information (for example, price or SKU) to data inputs. This custom information is also fully searchable, just like your images!

November 2016

  • Platform Custom Training (Beta): allowed concepts to be added/removed from models, after a model is created; allowed models to be created without providing a list of concepts.

October 2016

  • Platform Custom Training (Alpha): allows developers to build a visual recognition model in a matter of seconds using only a handful of data examples. Developers can tailor our visual recognition technology for their specific needs, with a few clicks.
  • Platform Visual Search (Alpha): Visual Search lets developers easily perform search by tag, search by image, and search by a combination of images and tags.

September 2016

  • Models Food Model: you can start building incredible (and tasty) apps that recognize over a thousand types of food down to the ingredient level!

  • Platform Upgraded Demo: we launched a new demo to give people an easy and eye-pleasing way to test the tags on any image or video!

August 2016

July 2016

  • Models Travel Model: Our new Travel image recognition model automatically identifies travel-related concepts in pictures and video and can be used to build and improve apps in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries.

  • Clients Javascript Client: we added a new official API client for Javascript! The new client works in both Node.js and the browser. You can require it by using npm or by using traditional script tags with the source hosted on our CDN.

May 2016

There were many awesome features that were added prior to May 2016 that haven’t been logged here.